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Welcome to a computer support service run by professionals, for computers users, in the way that it should be run: To help people use and maintain their technology at a reasonable price while providing a quality service.

We have a new service available to assist the many users who are having difficulty with the Microsoft Genuine Advantage (WGA) Program.   If you are the unhappy recepient of those nasty messages saying that "You may be the vicitm of software counterfeiting",   we have affordable solutions to this problem - whether or not you are running legitimate Windows XP.  Look under the "Services" Menu tab at the top and click "Windows Genuine Advantage Problems".

We provide full-service PC support for home users, home offices and small businesses.  We sell computers as well, at wholesale plus prices - far less than retail.

Currently we operate out of British Columbia, Canada, but some services can easily be offered to users around the world, primarily reliable, affordable (inexpensive) Data Recovery.  If you have a hard drive that has (or appears to have) died, please use the menu bar (at left) to navigate to that page.  You'll be amazed at our affordable pricing structure.

We provide a full range of computer support and network support services:

 - Data recovery and/or Hard Drive Recovery

 - Virus Detection, Protection and Cleaning

 - the highest quality computers at the lowest possible prices

 - Computer Upgrades

 - Computer and Network support for your home or business computing

 - Performance and Problem Detection and Resolution

 - Operating System and software recommendations and training

 - Installs and Re-Installs of Operating Systems and other software

 - security consulting if your data is confidential or at risk ...

 - SPAM Management

If you need support for your computer, are interested in a new computer, require a data recovery operation, want to request a quote or just want to make a comment,  please send us an email or call us at 604-597-7970


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