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Why Use Our Services?

Why use our services, as opposed to anybody else? After all, at least here in Greater Vancouver there are a multitude of people offering similar services.

Well, one problem is that many of the people offering those services are amateurs ... often quite knowledgeable amateurs, but amateurs nevertheless.

We are Certified Professionals. I have more than 2 decades of experience as well as being both Microsoft and SAP certified.

Probably half the work we do with new clients involves cleaning up the mess made by some guy who advertised his services, but has no real training nor experience in the business. He is typically self-taught and thus there are massive gaps in his knowledge. Furthermore, many of these folks are unwilling to readily acknowledge that they don't know everything, and will try to bluff their way through a scenario, often leaving their clients in the lurch. One of the keys to professionalism is an implicit understanding that there are things you haven't seen yet, problems you haven't solved, knowledge you don't yet have. (I am speaking in general: I know that not everyone operates this way, but I have seen more than my share of horror stories.)

If I am asked a question I don't know the answer to, I will tell the client I don't immediately know the answer - and then will get it for him or her.

I maintain a Knowledge Base so that once I have seen a problem, I keep the step-by=step solution available. And if I have to research a problem for a client, I discount their bill, because we are both getting value-added: They are getting the problem solved, while I am adding to my Knowledge Base.

When we do a job, we do it professionally and thoroughly. We communicate with the client about the state of the job and how it is proceeding. We provide as much information as possible and when possible we work within a firm quote for services. When this is not possible, we keep the client informed as much as possible as the job progresses and evolves.

We can be reached via email or call us at 604-597-7970

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