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Computer Performance and Maintenance


Computer performance problems are rarely about big things.  The obvious exceptions to this are virus and spyware infections or hardware problems.  But assuming your computer is clean of these issues, performance is usually a combination of small things.  There are things you can do to keep your computer running at optimal performance levels:


  1. Clean up your internet cache regularly.


Every time you browse the internet, you are storing information on your computer, on your hard drive.  There are good reasons for this, but over time it impedes your computer by eating up potentially significant hard drive space and de-fragmenting your hard drive.


  1. Run Norton Win Doctor or a similar program on a regular basis.


Most programs do not clean up after themselves and leave unnecessary items throughout your Windows system, particularly in the registry.  All these unnecessary items are loaded and “managed” each time you start your computer.


  1. Clean up files and folders after un-installing software.


Very few programs clean up after themselves efficiently and thus there are remnants of programs you have un-installed lying around your computer.  It is a good idea to locate and remove these.


  1. Remove unnecessary programs from starting up with your computer.


Many programs are designed to start up with your computer, even though there is no reason why they need to or should.  This takes potentially valuable time to start your computer as well as using up memory unnecessarily.  There is really very little that needs to start up when you turn on your computer – obviously all the Windows Operating system-related items and your firewall and anti-virus programs, but that should be about it most of the time.


  1. De-fragment your hard drive on a regular basis.


Excessive fragmentation can cause significant performance problems.  If the drive has not been de-fragmented in some time, it will make your computer sluggish and will also mean that when you DO de-fragment, it will take a long time.


De-fragmenting on a regular basis (once every month or so for most users will help keep your computer running at peak and will keep the de-fragmentation process down to a reasonable time.

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