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Installs and Re-Installs


A basic install is typically $100. This includes formatting the hard drive, installing the Operating System, configuring it for optimum performance and installing the drivers (only possible to complete this process if we have the entire box -otherwise the hardware doesn't exist on the system). This assumes the customer has supplied the drivers from their motherboard installation CD-ROM. If they are unable to do so, there will be other charges for locating and installing those drivers.

An enhanced install includes the installation of additional software, such as firewalls, anti-virus and perhaps other software. The installation fee is another $150; this assumes that the customer is supplying the actual software. If they are not, there may be other charges (there may not be; for example, many programs, like Lavasofts Adaware, are free for home use.

An Install-plus involves the retrieval of information from an old (but not damaged) drive onto the new drive, and this costs an extra $50-$100.

If a recovery operation (from a damaged/unreadable drive) is required, this is a separate cost. Please see Data Recovery page (on menu at left) for information.


It happens that sometimes the best solution is to start from scratch by re-installing the Operating System.

The prices are the same as above, with the only real difference being the possible need for a "hard" re-format.

This can be the case if you have wide-spread virus and/or spyware-related infections, your hard drive has become badly corrupted or has sustained soft (recoverable) damage, if the registry has become corrupted. A "clean" install will often resolve the issues, allowing you to start over.

The easiest (and least expensive) install/re-install is one in which no data needs to be retrieved from the drive. This is the case more often than one might expect, as an increasing number of computer owners use computers more for entertainment than for any productivity-related issues.

To help control the costs, make sure you have your original CD's which contain your hardware drivers and, if possible, your Operating System Install CD.

Formatting your hard drive, using the usual utilities, doesn't really erase the information on it; even though you may get messages warning you that "all data will be lost", data recovery people like us can, and do, regularly access this data. I had customer a while back who claimed that he was re-formatting and re-installing and getting the same set of infections over and over again. While I've never heard of this before (or since), his computer was thoroughly messes and he had stuff that I've never seen before on a computer. So we did a hard reformat which completely erases the drive and renders it unrecoverable by anybody, including forensics people. We re-installed the Operating System and he's had no problems since. The cost for that operation was $350.

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