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Data Recovery

We specialize in Data Recovery for a variety of reasons. The most important of these are: 1. People are paying way too much money for recovery. Much of the Data Recovery business is a model of price gouging, extracting exorbitant amounts of money from people who are desperate. 2. It is extremely satisfying. This work involves an almost endless string of thank-you's from clients who not only were able to recover their lost data, but were able to do so without re-mortgaging their homes! Recently we were able to recover 400 pictures for a nice elderly couple who took their grandson on a dream vacation and then had their hard drive go corrupt and get erased. The grandmother put her arms around me and, with tears in her eyes, said "Thank-you for giving us our memories back." There isn't too much more rewarding than that! Data Recovery operations are very expensive. There are some good reasons for this: They require a great deal of time both in terms of labour and dedicated computer resource.

Having acknowledged that, Data Recovery is way too expensive. Most such operations begin at $500 just to determine whether data is recoverable or not and the full recovery averages out at about $2000-$2500. Many companies will not provide a firm quote so that the customer is unsure what he or she will be paying in the end.

We have a different approach, one the allows us to make some (but less) money while providing the customer with a quality, value and security.

We provide an analysis of the hard drive for $150 U.S. dollars, as opposed to $500. In that way, we share the risk factors out between ourselves and the customer. If no data is recoverable (rare), then the customer pays less and we make very little (that $150 barely covers the cost).

Once we have completed the analysis, we provide the customer with as much information as we can about what we can recover and then we lock ourselves into a hard quote for that operation.

Our average cost for a recovery is less than $500. But because some can be more expensive, depending on a variety of factors, you will have a firm quote before we do the recovery, as well as the most detailed information we can provide about what we can recover.

We believe that this is the fairest policy you'll find anywhere; we've never heard of one better.

So if you potentially need a recovery operation, and you want to save a bunch of money, and please contact us to discuss the matter.

If you require a data recovery or wish a quote or further information, please email or call us at 604-597-7970

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