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Why Buy a Computer from US?


  1. We sell you the computer you want or need.  In other words, we sell to your convenience, no to ours.


The vast majority of retailers are selling to meet their needs, which are to maximize profits or reduce inventory by getting rid of outdated stock, etcetera.


We are happy to make a smaller profit and have a happier customer, because:


-         That is what real service means

-         Happy customers are returning customers

-         Happy customers refer their friends ad family (big retailers rely almost strictly on advertising and brand-name identification).


  1. We build the computer to meet your needs and expectations, using the best quality components.


Packaged computers often use lower quality components and “integrated” components.  We can build less expensive computers as well, if saving money is your primary goal – and sometimes it legitimately is.  But “integrated” components are built onto your motherboard so that they us the same resources (memory and power supply) needed by the rest of your computer, while components which are built off the motherboard are more reliable, easier to upgrade, use independent resources and are usually better quality components.


  1. We deliver the computer to your home and set it up for you.  We make sure the computer is running properly, that all software and hardware are installed and working correctly.


The big retailers do not do this, of course.  It is up to you to connect your computer and if there is a problem, you must disassemble the computer, take it back to the store and start over.


  1. Our software is up-to-date.


When you buy a computer from the store, the software (your operating system, office products, anti-virus and firewall) is usually months out-of-date.  This means that:


-         your computer is probably less secure than it ought to e since most of those updates are intended to protect you from the latest threats.

-         You must spend hours bringing your computer up-to-date.


When we sell a computer, we update all the software so that it is up-to-date when you receive it.


  1. Our warranty coverage is better.


If a component does fail – and this does happen occasionally - the stores require you to disassemble the computer and bring it to the store, unless you’ve bought an expensive (over-priced) warranty.  You must take it to the store and when it is repaired, you must pick it up, take it home and re-assemble it again … sometimes to find that the problem has not been resolved at all.


We come to your house and fix the problem.  If it requires outside servicing, we disassemble it and deliver it back to your house, usually within 2 working days. We re-assemble it and show you that the problem is resolved.



If you are interested in a new computer, please contact us foir a quote via email or call us at 604-597-7970


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