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About My Computer Professional

We have been operating for nearly 11 years in The Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia,

We provide a full range of home and small business computer solutions.

Our technicians are Microsoft certified because we deal almost exclusively with Microsoft Operating Systems ... not because they're necessarily good, but because they dominate the market.

Our approach to client support is to reduce our clients need for support. The better we do our job, the less we see our clients. This may seem counter-productive, but it isn't - we depend on referrals from our very happy clients, because we always resolve their problems.

Having said that, we see some clients more than others. Some clients prefer to have us do all their hardware and software installs because they've been burned once or twice and they know having a professional do the install reduces their risk. Other people are expert enough to do this themselves.

It is, frankly, a good idea to have a technician look at your computer every 3-12 months. not unlike having your car serviced. Exactly how often this should be done depends upon a variety of factors:

1. How well your computer is performing.

2. How much you use it.

3. How much internet activity is involved (greater internet activity means more potential exposure to viruses, spyware, etc. and some of this is nearly unavoidable.)

4. How many people are using your computer and their level of expertise - and caution.

We can be reached via email or call us at 604-597-7970

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